Our Green Ethos.logo_ethos

Here at Donington Park Farmhouse, we have put in place a Green Ethos, which helps us actively protect the local lands and environment, as well as its population of wildlife.

Park Farmhouse is part of what remains of the Donington Estate, which was broken up after the army returned it to the Shields family in 1956, having taken it over in 1939 for the war effort

Donington Hall and the Motor Racing circuit were no longer viable and had to be sold off. It took seven years to clear the scrap metal from the rest of the land before it could be used for Agriculture. What was able to be salvaged has now been moulded into what we hope is a sustainable and inter-dependent enterprise.

The Deer Park is now larger & contains some 300 head of deer. This is a truly wild herd, with no human intervention allowed. All the venison is butchered and used on the Estate. The park is a SSSI, which means that no chemicals or fertilizer are applied to the land. The park is famous for its collection of ancient Oak trees and the invertebrates that live in them. All new trees are planted from our own acorns, and the park is actively managed with the help of Natural England.

For the past fifteen years, we have been planting 5,000 trees a year.

The 150 acres of woodlands are managed under a 20 year plan with the Forestry Commission. Under this scheme, we are entirely self-sufficient in our supply of wood-fuel, which we use for central heating & to supply hot water for the entire Hotel complex through a district heating scheme, replacing 9 existing boiler systems which used oil & gas.

In 2010 we acquired the field opposite the Hotel. In this we have put a septic tank, which replaces six existing tanks, which have been converted to hold surface water for the gardens.

As part of applying our Green Ethos were we can, we have built our own independent sewage system, which consists of three reed beds, which filter the Hotel dirty water, returning it to the stream as clean, usable water. They are also a haven for wildlife.

In 2011 we installed 46 solar panels, which provide daily electricity for the function and conference barns.

The Hotel itself is run with practical green policies in mind. All the lighting systems have been replaced with LED lighting. We also appointed new waste recycling contractors, and now none of our waste goes to landfill.

In 2015 we invested in electric cars and also added two public electric vehicle charging points and are delighted that guests are using them more and more.

The new garage built in 2016 has an all-glass solar roof, which produces enough electricity to run the Stable Suite Annexe.